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School Council

  • School Councils are an excellent way for you to get involved in your child’s education. Every TDSB School has an elected membership and/or volunteer School Council. Our council is an important forum for involving parents/family and community in matters that affect the education of our students and their participation in school life and community. Our Family Night and Arts Night are but two of the events that make Don Mills Middle School and awesome place to be. The School Council is also involved in school-based fundraising. Our fundraising goes beyond raising money for our events. It also reflects the creative and collaborative efforts of parents, students, teachers and the school community at large. We are very proud of our past achievements and look forward in meet new members.
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Council Executive:

Chair(s): Lisa Pennycook/Carlos Duarte

Secretary: Adrienne Goddard

Treasurer: Ann Bernardo


Get Involved!

We like being involved with the school. We'd love if you'd join us for meetings. They are scheduled in our Events Calendar.